Of all the places I have visited, Salzburg may have been my hardest goodbye. Now don’t get me wrong, I will forever love every city I have visited, and the places I have lived hold a special place in my heart. But there was just something unexpected about Salzburg, Austria that pulled at my heart and made me want to stay forever.

Perhaps it was the fact that you could walk anywhere in the city within 20 minutes, or the fact that in the middle of July it wasn’t humid in the slightest and it even got cool enough for a cardigan. Maybe it was the narrow, winding cobblestone streets that have enchanted me in so many cities, or the endless balconies with brightly colored flowers. Or perhaps it was those beautiful hills always lingering in the background, seeming to stand watch over this beautiful city and ensure that its music never fades.

I now know why those hills beckoned to Maria, drawing her from the abbey and inspiring her to sing. We too hiked all the way to the top of those hills, and were rewarded with perhaps the most breathtaking view we had ever seen.IMG_20160802_100413821

I love this city. We were led here by “The Sound of Music,” not knowing that the whole city was truly alive and powered by music. I can understand why Mozart became the prodigy that he was, and why the Salzburg Summer Music Festival is so wildly successful. I can only hope that music continues to inspire the city, and that one day I am able to return to this great place. Until then, I hate to go and leave this pretty sight, but so long, farewell, auf weidersehen, adieu.