So, this semester in England has been absolutely amazing. It’s hard to believe that in less than a week I will be back home in Florida! As cheesy as it sounds, time has really flown. And I certainly haven’t kept up with this blog like I hoped I would . . . I still haven’t told you about the rest of my backpacking adventures, much less the rest of the semester! But since I don’t really have time to write a full blog post, here is a brief recap of everything that has happened this semester, as told through Disney:

I always wanted to study abroad. 
provincial life

And I thought life must be terribly exciting in another country.
i want adventure in the great wide somewhere

But when I finally arrived in England I realized I was completely alone and had no idea what I was really doing here. And I panicked just a little.
nervous rapunzel

And then I had to ride the public bus to uni, without really knowing the bus route or where to get off.
here i go

But then from the bus window I saw Holy Name Catholic Church:
smiling rapunzel

And so I stopped to take a look, and found out that the chaplaincy/campus ministry was next door, and it’s run by Jesuits!
excited enchanted

Adjusting to British life wasn’t too hard, except when I was still learning how to decipher accents:
squeaky squeak squeaker

And then I saw snow!
The first day I woke up to snow outside my window, I was so excited!

fairy dust

But by the time it snowed in March, I was so over it.

I discovered that when I visited new cities, I was a little ADD and definitely over-excited…
this is so fun

And then I spent a weekend in Scotland, and decided I want to live there.
guys i want a castle

And pretty soon Spring Break rolled around, and I packed my backpack for a three week trip!
The first day felt like setting off on a wonderful adventure…

marry poppins horse

But by the last day my shoulders ached from the stupid backpack, and I really wanted to sleep in my own bed.
annoyed maximus 2

However, the European food was totally worth it.
hungry lazy meeko

And so was the sun in Italy!
rapunzel in awe 

I ate way too much gelato in Italy…
can't help liking good food

And I attempted to speak Spanish in Spain.
buzz bueno

But getting back to Manchester after those three weeks was more wonderful than I had imagined.
sully smiling in doorway

Then realizing that I needed to start studying for exams.
annoyed paschal

Just kidding, a little weekend trip to Ireland first! My reaction to seeing Ireland:
spinning rapunzel

And then finally visiting my childhood friend Rebecca in The Netherlands!
friends forever

But then classes were actually over and I needed to study for real. get down to business

And so I basically lived in coffee shops and studied for days on end.
no more caffeine for you

But exams will be over soon, which means that it’s time for me to leave…
cant we go back again

And it’s going to be really hard saying goodbye to this city and all of the wonderful people I’ve met.
goodbye seems forever in my heart is the memory

But at the same time, I can’t wait to be home again.

There’s no place like home. 🙂