Exams are in full swing and I really hate how spread out they all are. Why? Because after the first week, I really don’t give a crap anymore. Which is terrible; I should care more. But I’m coming home in less than 2 weeks, and after tomorrow I’ll only have 2 exams left. I’ve been studying my butt off for 3 weeks already. I deserve a break, right?

Things I would rather do than study:

-Look through really old Facebook photos.

-Judge myself for the fact that I’m still wearing some of the same outfits I wore in 2008 . . . I should get rid of some stuff shouldn’t I?

-Find every picture of me in a play and compile them just in case I ever go audition somewhere and need a theatre resume with headshots. I mean, you never know . . .

-Watch Youtube videos of Disney cruise line shows.

-Watch Disney movies.


-Email professors back home about schedule changes.

-Watch Youtube videos of Jennifer Lawrence saying funny shit.

-Argue with airlines over getting a refund for a ticket.

-Make tea.

-Eat chocolate.

-Do laundry.

-Watch Youtube videos about semi-educational things.

-Clean my room.

-Stalk Disney blogs.

-Re-watch Jenna Marbles videos because I realize that I’ve seen all of them already.

-Read posts from my classmates who are asking questions about the class material. (Reading their questions and answers totally counts as studying, right?)

-Look at my notebook and will the information to absorb into my brain.

-Make more tea.

-Write a blog about everything I want to do instead of study.


Yep. I may or may not have done these things. But now I’m actually going to study. For real y’all. Right now.
Okay, maybe one more video . . .