I’ve always liked gelato. Back home there used to be a little place called Cafe Gelato in a part of town called The European Village, and that’s where my best friend and I would always meet for a girl’s day out. First off, for all of you who know the place, that’s literally what European plazas look like, complete with flats that have balconies above the stores. Secondly, that gelato doesn’t even compare to the legit stuff in Italy.

Someone once said that gelato is like crack, and they were absolutely right. I got a taste of that magic power of gelato when on more than one occasion my best friend and I would finish our gelato and say, “That tastes like more.” and then we would proceed to buy more. Here, however, I’m on a strict budget. Unlimited gelato is not an option. But when you start making room in your budget for two cups of gelato a day, you might have a problem.

Here are some warning signs that you are officially addicted to the drug called gelato:

You crave it at odd hours of the day.

When it’s 11 am and you’re hungry but it’s too early for lunch, you buy gelato instead.

You get cranky in the afternoon when you haven’t had any yet.

You start getting picky about where you buy gelato and what flavours you pair together.

You start rationalizing that two cups of gelato in one day are totally necessary. What if I never make it back to Italy?

You start planning your day around when and where you want to get gelato

And finally, when you consider taking the metro all the way to the other side of the city just to find the gelato place from the other day, you might just have a problem.  


Italy has been absolutely wonderful, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that there are few problems a cup if gelato (or a glass of wine) cant fix.

Ciao, Italia! I’ll be back one day.