Parlez vous anglais? Oui? Ok good. I’ve spoken lots of French over the past few days, but I certainly don’t understand everything. But j’adore France! I love the food, the little cafes on every corner, the giant jars of Nutella. (seriously, they’re huge) But mostly i just love the atmosphere. I don’t know what it is about France, but there is something so beautiful

And don’t let anyone tell you French people aren’t nice! Everyone we’ve met has been very polite and helpful. They might laugh at our French, but if they know English they will help us out. 

My favorite city, however, has been Lyon. Something about it just reminded me of home. It had an old town area called Vieux Lyon (literally “old Lyon”) that reminded me of St Augustine. But the narrow streets and little patisseries were so classically French, I swear it was straight out of the movies. People were even carrying baguettes!

We got to see several old churches, and even caught part of a Good Friday service, and we also saw two very cool museums: the museum of miniatures and cinema, and a museum of the history of Lyon. When you’re surrounded by such a long and rich history, America pales in comparison.

Well, au revoir for now! I need to catch some sleep while i can. All this travelling wears a girl out! Bon soir!