Classes are definitely different here, so I thought I would elaborate a little on differing study habits. Or should I call them revising skills? That’s usually what they say instead of study. They revise. (Yeah, I still don’t understand it). But with no quizzes, no homework, no tests, what’s a girl supposed to study for? That final exam in 3 months? Oh, well I mean, there is an essay to write too. I guess I could start on that…

How to Write an Essay (British Style)
1. Open up Blackboard (basically like Moodle) to see the PowerPoints from class.
2. Reward yourself by checking Facebook.
3. Answer a Facebook message.
4. Find out that person is conveniently online and chat with them.
5. Download the lectures to your iTunes so you can watch and listen to them over again. (Yep. Some of my lectures are actually videotaped for me. I don’t know why I even bother going to those classes…)
6. Reward yourself by checking Facebook.
7. Open up your notes.
8. Reward yourself by looking at Pinterest.
9. Open up Microsoft Word.
10. Set the language setting to “English (United Kingdom)”
11. Revel in that awesomeness.
12. Enjoy that moment by making tea.
13. Drink said cup of tea.
14. Start jotting down ideas for your essay.
15. Answer a Skype call from Mom (because she’s going to call you every day)
16. Google search for scholarly articles about your essay topic.
17. Check Facebook when you get frustrated and can’t find anything relevant.
18. Realize that absolutely nothing new has been posted.
19. Write a blog post about studying to make yourself feel productive.  
20. Start the process again because Blackboard has now timed out and you need to log back in again.

Maybe it really isn’t that different here.

And for those of you that are about to criticize me for ultimate procrastination, this essay isn’t due for a few weeks. I’m attempting to get a head start on it. Clearly I’m extremely motivated… 😛 )