Seeing as it’s been exactly one week since I left the States, I thought I might just sum up my week in review. So without further ado, here’s a list of things I have successfully done this week (that I wouldn’t have done at home):

Navigated the public transportation system
Eaten real British fish and chips
Learned how to turn on a radiator
Walked through snow, while it was falling
Had at least one cup of tea every day
Survived jet lag
Ridden on top of a double decker bus
Gotten lost in the largest university library in the country…and then found
myself again
Eaten more curry than I ever have in my life
Been inside the building where Rutherford first split the atom
Remembered to call fries “chips” and a bathroom “the toilet”
Learned how to use British pounds and pence
Went to a real British pub
Seen an alien landing strip
Wandered around a museum just because it’s free (they’re ALL free here!!)
Walked over a mile and a half to school (in the snow, for fun)
Had someone compliment me on my accent
Toured the city in a bus
Eaten real English scones
Started a blog
Set foot in two different countries
Fallen in love with Manchester. 🙂

I hope you had an equally exciting week! Congrats to all the Spring Hill ladies who found their letters, and congrats to all of the boys who are getting their letters today! I hope your week has been fantastic. Make your founders proud.