I never actually thought this day would come. I mean, people have always talked about it, and said “Oh yes, you should do it!” But something in me always doubted that this would happen, and yet it has. I’ve started a blog.

Oh, and I’ve just stepped off my first flight to Europe.


So while I’m sitting in an airport terminal waiting for a connecting flight, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you how ABSOLUTELY EXCITED I AM!!!! 😀

A couple of things should be noted at this point. One: while I never really experienced flying pre-9/11, I’ve heard that there used to be something called real food on planes. Now they just give you peanuts, or some such nonsense. It would make sense, however, that they would still serve food on exceptionally long flights (such as those flights across the pond), and I figured I would probably get a sandwich. Little did I know, I got not just one meal, but two!! And they were both excellent. Chicken and rice for dinner, with a cucumber salad and a very tasty chocolate brownie, and then a breakfast croissant! And whoever told you that tea is a big deal in the UK was absolutely right. The flight attendents came around more often with tea than they did with water. They only gave you one sugar packet, however, and when I asked for a second one the flight attendent just sort of looked at me and said, “You didn’t get one?” And then I guess she realized I’m an American. A Southern American at that. I like my tea rather sweet. But a nice Irish gentleman near me (who drinks his tea black . . . like an Irishman) offered me his sugar packet. I honestly probably could have even put a third one into my tea, but I wasn’t about to admit that. I’ll have to get used to not-so-sweet tea eventually.

I probably also should have said earlier that I flew out on an Irish airline, Aer Lingus. Yeah, I’d never heard of it either until I was looking for a cheap flight. And maybe it’s just because this was a long flight, but honestly that was the best flight I’ve ever been on! The people were so friendly (and not to mention all Irish, and all with gorgeous accents), and they say cute things like “Brilliant!” and “lovely!” and they call your garbage “rubbish,” which sounds so much nicer than garbage.  It’s flights like this that make me wonder what life would be like as a flight attendant.

One of the coolest parts though was the fact that Aer Lingus partners with Unicef, and they take up a collection on the flight and ask for any odd currency that you may have floating around from other trips! How clever is that? Because I mean really, when is the next time I’m going to use American money again? Not any time soon. So why not throw a couple of dollar bills in for a good cause? And just think of all those tourists who got American coins and then avoided using them because they didn’t know what they were each worth. (Those are the funniest tourists I get to deal with at Disney, the ones who just shove a coin purse at you and say “Here. Take whatever the change is.) I imagine they all come home from disney weighed down with American coints that will be utterly useless to them in a few hours. so why not donate them? It’s brilliant.

But I’ll never forget my first glimpse of that beautiful country of Ireland. The sun wasn’t even up yet, and when I looked out the window it was pitch black until all of a sudden we broke free from a cloud and all I could see was a beautiful scattering of twinkling lights. It looked just as if I were looking at the stars on a perfectly clear night in the countryside. Except I was looking down, not up. But it was beautiful. And I said hello to my people’s homeland, and I felt as if it were saying hello to me too, as if it were welcoming me home.

But I really can’t stay. I must catch another flight. I’ll be back though, dear Ireland. Don’t you worry, I’ll be back again very soon.